Miura KM-009 Satin

SEK4,499.00 inkl. moms*

Skaft: KBS CT-Tour Chrome eller KBS CT-Tour Black PVD, BGT Stability eller BGT Stability Tour, Accra FX400 Grepp: Lamkin Deep-Etched eller Golf Pride Tour Tradition. Miura headcover ingår.

-Specifika monteringsinstruktioner kan lämnas i kommentarsfältet i kassan innan du betalar. Annars monterar vi den till standard specifikationer.

- Önskar du en annan skaft och grepp kombination kontaktar du istället Low Scores Golf för att beställa.

The Miura family is commitment to designing clubs for players who are seeking the very best is confirmed with the KM 009 putter. The classic toe weighted design confirms it is possible to match looks with performance. Although putters are not our core competency, the Miura family has never attached their name to any product that did not live up to their extremely high standards.

A rolled top line and a tapered heel help to deliver a putter head which is both pleasing to the eye and easy to square to your putting line. As is the case with our other putters, the milled face is extremely forgiving and produces a strike which transmits to the feel, distance control and in achieving the truest of rolls from reduced skid. This classic putter design goes through the same forging process as our Irons, renowned for delivering both feel and performance.

Built it with your shaft of choice and you’ll have the looks and confidence to make more putts.


Kategori Putters

* Baserat på hemvist i Sweden. Moms för andra länder beräknas i kassan. Pris exklusive moms: SEK3,599.20.