Orka J29 Wedge

SEK1,395.00 inkl. moms*

Skaft: KBS Wedge eller KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 Grepp: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

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Extra long hosel design for a very stable tip feeling, these soft cast wedges can be manipulated by your Clubmaker to fit your optimal loft and lie.

They are single pour cast from 8620 carbon steel and then plated. Grooves are USGA conforming as with all ORKA clubs. The top line is inviting and the feedback from each shot is outstanding. These clubs are ideal for any level of player.

The heads themselves are simply stunning, white satin finish, classic toe height, minimal offset and with a top line that does not intimidate nor seem to thick. These are classic blades with modern performance, forged, then CNC milled, hand finished and plated by our master craftsmen to the tightest tolerance for optimal performance.

Available lofts with bounce rate: 52/8, 56/14, 60/6 

* Baserat på hemvist i Sweden. Moms för andra länder beräknas i kassan. Pris exklusive moms: SEK1,116.00.